Research Progress

The Fabrication of High Performance Bio-based Polylactide Polyurethanes - 12/28/2016
插图.png The advanced coatings and adhesives technology group led by Professor Haibin Yu from(NIMTE,CAS)has successfully developed a series of PLA polyols by solving the technical problems on high residual monomer and acid value, which achieved world's first industrial preparation of polylactide polyols...  
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Functional Nanocomposite (NC) Hydrogels with Antifouling Properties - 12/23/2016
图片2.png Recently, the Marine Functional Material Group led by Prof. Liping Wang (NIMTE,CAS) has successfully constructed a series of new nanocomposite (NC) hydrogel with high mechanical strength and excellent antifouling activity through double network strategy and organic-inorganic hybrid nanocomposites.  
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Theoretical Investigations on the Physical Properties of Two-Dimensional MXenes - 12/23/2016
图片1.png In order to understand the roles of the surface functional groups on the physical properties of MXenes, the research group leaded by Shiyu Du(Nimte,Cas) firstly comprehensively studied the structures, mechanical strengths and electronic energy bands of M2CT2 MXenes (M=Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Zr, Nb, Mo, ...  
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High Energy All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries - 12/16/2016
插图.jpg The research team led by Prof. Xiayin Yao (NIMTE,CAS) has designed a new all-solid-state lithium battery, ensuring the compatibility between electrolyte and metallic lithium.  
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Structural Design of Graphene-Based EMI Shielding Materials - 12/12/2016
插图1.jpg The research group led by Prof. Wenge Zheng(NIMTE,CAS)has devoted great effort to the fabrication of graphene-based materials for high-efficiency EMI shielding over the past few years. And recently,have achieved some important advances in the structural design of graphene-based materials for e...  
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