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2012 International Applications for Ph.D. Program

Founded in 2004, Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy Sciences (NIMTE, CAS), is the first national research institute founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences in Zhejiang province, and is a comprehensive research institution with features covering technology innovation, industrialization, scientific and technological services, and higher education.

In demand of increasing research activities and talents team construction, the NIMTE is now open to receive international applications for PhD program.

1. Training Objectives

The student will master basic theories and specialized knowledge in the subject field, be familiar with development trends in the advanced fields of the subject, have proficient specialized experimental skills, rigorous scholarship and strong enthusiasm to subject research. The student will learn to pursue an advanced specialty career in research, teaching, administration and/or specialized technology with a potential to achieve innovative contributions in applied and/or fundamental research.

2. Specialty Catalogue


Research Direction

Faculty Advisor

Total Enrollment

Materials Physics and Chemistry

Functional Materials and Nanodevices

LI Run Wei, HUANG Qing, WU Ai Guo, YAN A-Ru


Surface Engineering

SONG Zhen Lun, HUANG Feng, LI Hua

Energy Technology

DAI Ning, SONG Wei Jie, LIU Zhao Ping, GE Zi Yi

Biomedical Materials(I)

Wu Ai Guo

Polymer Chemistry and Physics

High performance polymers


Polymer Processing

Zhen Wen Ge

Biomedical Materials(II)

WU Ai Guo

Advanced Manufacturing and Automation

Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

CHEN Xi Liang

3. Application

1) Qualifications

Any international applicants who are healthy and willing to abide by the Chinese laws and decrees, respect the Chinese customs and habits, and meet the following qualifications may apply directly to NIMTE by requesting an application form (GUCAS Application For Admission for Foreign Students) from the Graduate Office of NIMTE, or download the application form from NIMTE website (http://english.nimte.cas.cn/et/PhD/), and apply.

An applicant must be under 45 years old, has obtained or is working toward a Master degree of China, or the foreign equivalent of such a degree. In the latter case, admission will be contingent on the final receipt of such a degree

2) Application Materials To Be Submitted

Completed APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS, with a recent passport-sized photo attached;

Curriculum vitae;

 Degree certificate of the highest education level (notarized photocopy);

 Transcripts of graduate studies (master program; notarized photocopy/photocopies);

 Two letters of recommendation from professors or scholars with equivalent academic achievement in the related subjects you are applying;

 Photocopy of your passport;

 Publication list and abstracts;

 Application statement (including higher education background, current research work and achievements, knowledge and interests in research, learning and research plan in doctoral program, and knowledge of the NIMTE. The statement is no less than 2000 words).

The above materials have to be completed in Chinese or English and submitted in two copies (including e-file) to the NIMTE Graduate Office.

3) Application Procedure

 Apply for admission: Graduate Office of NIMTE is open to receive international applications all year around after the post date of Admission Catalogue. The results will be posted on line one month after the receipt of all application materials. An Admission Letter, a Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW202) and other admission documents will be sent to the successful applicant for registration.

 Apply for scholarship: The scholarship application deadline is May 15, 2012. All applications will be evaluated during May 15-June 1. The list of scholarship awardees will be posted on June 15.

4. Enrollment Examination

1) Examination Date: 1-2 weeks after the submission of application materials.

2) Examination Content:

 All application materials will be evaluated by doctoral supervisor committee arranged by the NIMTE Graduate Office;

 Applicant will be interviewed by faculty advisor via video talk or email;

 Applicant may be asked to be interviewed at the NIMTE if condition allows;

 Applicant under the CAS Communication Agreement or Institutional Agreement approved by the CAS has to take the examination according to the agreement.

5. Registration

1) The qualified applicants will be sent admission letter and JW202 form by the NIMTE Graduate Office with the approval of the Graduate University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS).

2) Applicants admitted should bring passport, Admission Letter, Visa Application for Study in China, Foreigner Physical Examination Form, original blood test record to the embassy or consulates of the People’s Republic of China in their respective countries and apply for an X visa. New students should register at the NIMTE before the deadline on the admission letter with the above materials and 10 passport photos.  

3) New students unable to register before the deadline should make advanced arrangement with Graduate Office of NIMTE. New studentswho fail to register on time without submitting a request for leave are deemed as a voluntary withdraw.

6. Education Program

1) It takes 3 years for students to complete the PhD. Program (A one-year delay can be allowed in special cases). The program consists two parts. Students from a non-Chinese speaking country/region should take courses in the first term (September-December) at the GUCAS. Elementary Chinese (4 credits), Survey of China (2 credits), and English (1.5 credits) are required. Students who are native English speakers or from country/region with English as official language can waive English class. After finishing Chinese language learning program, students should return to the NIMTE to do research and thesis.

2) International student is directed solely by your supervisor in your degree program. The supervisor will make training plan and direct the student through courses, researches and thesis writing according to the NIMTE graduate program in the same subject. 

3) International students should read related literature and start thesis opening report in the first term at the  GUCAS besides Chinese and English courses; take three professional courses, finish thesis opening, and start research practice and experimental training in the second term; acquire and analyze experimental data, and write and publish related research papers during the terms 3-5; finish thesis writing and defense in the sixth term.

7. Graduation

A graduation certificate and a degree will be conferred to the students upon their successful completion of the curriculum and the defense of degree dissertation, and upon their meeting of all the other requirements stipulated by the GUCAS Degree Conferring Regulations. Students who fail their defense of degree dissertation will be conferred a graduation certificate. Students who successfully meet all requirements stipulated by the GUCAS Degree Conferring Regulations ahead of schedule can graduate ahead of time after the approval of the GUCAS and NIMTE director.

8. Degree Award

For a degree to be conferred, the degree application must be pre-approved by the NIMTE Degree Committee, and receive the recommendation to award Ph.D. degree. The degree application should then be submitted to the GUCAS Degree Committee for final evaluation. International students who fail their defense of degree dissertation and ask another defense will be filed to the GUCAS for backup and be permitted to revise their dissertation in two years and defense again.

Graduated international students who have been awarded the GUCAS degrees are able to attend degree award ceremony organized by the NIMTE or the GUCAS together with Chinese students.

9. Expenses

1) Scholarship. International students can apply for the GUCAS scholarship. The amount and application of the GUCAS scholarship are in accord with the GUCAS standards.

2) Application fee: International students should pay the GUCAS an application fee of RMB ¥600 or $ 70 (US dollar) (or other currencies converted into RMB) by mail at application. This application fee would not be returned for students who fail the application.

Oversea applicants should send their application fee via personal checks or money orders or travelers cheques together with their application forms to the GUCAS. Applicants resided in China should transfer the application fee to the bank account below:

Account name: Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Account number: 0200004909008804791

Bank information: Office at Yongding Road of Beijing Cuiwei Road Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

3) Graduate stipend: International students who do not receive full GUCAS scholarship (including partial scholarship recipients) will receive NIMTE Graduate Stipend for International Students monthly after review by faculty advisor and approval by the director of NIMTE with reference to GUCAS scholarship. The tuition will also be waived after admission. The amount of the stipend may be subjected to change according to the research work evaluation by the faculty advisor with reference to GUCAS scholarship.

4) Other fees: including traffic fee and meal fee for interview, and health care fee, insurance fee, meal fee and course material fee after enrollment should be paid by applicants.

5) For international students visiting for interview, Graduate Division would arrange the free housing at graduate apartment complex during interview. The travelling fee for the trip from Ningbo to Beijing (GUCAS) and vice versa for students who do not receive full scholarship would be reimbursed according to hard sleeper ticket standard. The fees of course studies in Beijing and housing at Graduate Apartments for students who do not receive full scholarship would be covered by Graduate Office of NIMTE.

6) The fees involving experiments, practice, visiting, and non-Graduate Apartments housing besides international student training program should be paid by the students.

10. Contact Information

Faculty advisor introduction: (links)

Office: Graduate Office of Ningbo Institute of Material Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Contact Person: Wei Huang

Address: 519 Zhuangshi Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang

Zip Code: 315201