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The Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology (CNITECH) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was officially co-founded in 2004 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Zhejiang provincial government and the Ningbo municipal government. As the first state-owned research and development institute in Zhejiang province, CNITECH has dedicated itself to strengthening cooperation with industries and research organizations in new materials, advanced manufacturing and new energy, and to integrating research and technology with high-tech industrialization.

CNITECH commenced the first stage of academic construction in 2004 with five materials research fields. The second stage of construction has been finalised at the end of 2014, whereupon CNITECH has been upgraded to a comprehensive research and development institution, which consists of four subsidiary institutes respectively named as: the Institute of Materials Technology, which mainly engages in research on magnetic, polymer, composite and functional materials, nano-devices and surface engineering; the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing, which involves research on composite manufacturing and equipment, computer vision and virtual manufacturing, intelligent measurement and control, laser and energy field manufacturing, and photoelectric ceramic materials and devices; the Institute of New Energy Technology, which includes the major research fields of solar energy and photovoltaic technology, fuel cells and technology, energy storage technology, photobiology, hydrogen technology and basic research of comprehensive technology;and the Cixi Institute of Biomedical Engineering, which is the latest built institute and still under constraction hopefully devoting to the development of material technology and engineering in medical filed.

CNITECH’s achievements to date include:

  • 900 staff members, including one CAS academic and 185 research professors. (These include 21 recipients of the National 1000-elite Program, 31 recipients of the Zhejiang Province 1000-elite Program, 32 recipients of the CAS 100-Talent Funding Award, and many recipients of major awards from the government)
  • 50 research groups covering 12 research fields
  • 2 postdoc work stations
  • 675 postgraduates and 109 postdocs trained
  • 1607 research projects, with a total grant of 1.55 billion RMB from both external and domestic funding bodies
  • 1494 patents filed
  • 2022 papers published
  • 130,000m2 of research space and laboratories with facilities valued at a total of 300 million RMB is owned by CNITECH.

CNITECH has been working on collaboration with both external and local industries, benefitting from significant technology transfer. To date, CNITECH has collaborated with over 300 enterprises and transferred technologies worth a total of 410 million RMB. CNITECH has also signed contracts with enterprises such as Bosch, UTC, GE and LG and is hoping to do more experimental collaborative work with other major companies such as Boeing and Airbus.

International partnership is valued by CNITECH, with internationalization being one of the important characteristics of the organisation. CNITECH encourages all types of international exchange and cooperation, including joint research, research fellow and postgraduate exchange or joint education, sharing of experimental facilities, etc. International research staff and short-time visiting scholars from all over the world are supported by CNITECH. Currently, CNITECH has built up long-term exchange and cooperative relationships with over 100 universities and research institutes from 18 countries.

CNITECH welcomes opportunities for cooperation with international peers and partners with whom we share common interests in materials science and technology. Please contact CNITECH using the details below

Ms. Xuxia Zhao

Address No. 1219 Zhongguan West Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang 315201 P.R.China

Tel 0574-86693725
Fax 0574-87910728
Email zhaoxuxia@nimte.ac.cn
Website http://english.nimte.cas.cn