Research Progress

Exploration of New Approaches for Polymer Processing with Supercritical CO2 as the Processing Medium - 03/29/2017
Recently, the advanced polymer processing group from NIMTE, CAS has made great efforts in applying innovative strategies to explore advanced approaches for polymer processing via utilizing a tandem continuous extrusion system with scCO2 as the processing medium.  
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Vanillin-Derived High-Performance Flame Retardant Epoxy Resins:Facile Synthesis and Properties - 03/28/2017
1.png Researchers from bio-based polymeric materials research group in Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering(CAS) developed two high-performance flame retardant epoxy resins from lignin derivative vanillin and green phosphorus compound diethyl phosphite.  
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Conventional PVD Technique-Processed Large-Area Metamaterial Films without any Templates - 03/06/2017
ITA$UFH}885Z}2KST[UO0FT.png Dr. Junhua Gao, Prof. Hongtao Cao, Prof. Yinglin Song and co-authors from NIMTE,CAS and Harbin Institute of Technology have demonstrated the direct growth of vertically-aligned silver nanoforest embedded-ceramic composite films with tunable optical responses. 

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Achievements in the Key Technologies of Graphene Strengthened and Toughened Carbon Fibre Composites - 02/20/2017
0}TKDYDVP)45~(0(2U{XDMO.png The Ningbo institute of materials technology and engineering, CAS (CNITECH) has achieved a significant progress in the key technologies of graphene strengthened and toughened carbon fibre composites.  
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The Developments of Multi-axis Milling and Rotary Ultrasonic Machining in Quartz and Alumina Ceramic - 02/20/2017
3IT%FYQPHZV[LETU0(XZ93Q.png Dr. Chen and his group in Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE, CAS) combined the high-speed multi-axis milling with ultrasonic function to further develop a variety of manufacturing principles and technical advantages of the physical. The team found that the quantitati...  
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