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Benlin Hu, PhD

 Personal Details
Fax: +86(574) 8761 5986
+86(574) 8668 5134
E-mail: hubenlin@nitmte.ac.cn
Address: Key Lab of Magnetic Materials and Devices
Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology &. Engineering,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhuangshi Rd. 519, Zhenhai District
Ningbo, Zhejiang

Sep, 2006-Unitil now Ph.D. candidate
Affiliation: Institute of Material Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sep, 2002-Jun, 2006 Bachelor Major in: Chemical Engineering and Technology
Harbin University of Science and Technology
Research Interests
Current research focuses on the following areas:
Resistive random access memory based polymers.

1. Benlin Hu, Fei Zhuge, Xiaojian Zhu, Shanshan Peng, Xinxin Chen, Liang Pan, Qing Yan, and Run-Wei Li. Nonvolatile Bistable Resistive Switching in a New Polyimide bearing 9-Phenyl-9H-Carbazole Pendant, Journal of Material Chemistry, accept.
2. Fei Zhuge, Benlin Hu, Congli He, Xufeng Zhou, Zhaoping Liu, Run-Wei Li *, Mechanism of nonvolatile resistive switching in graphene oxide thin films, Carbon, 49(12):3796-3802.(2011)

1. Run-Wei Li, Benlin Hu, Fei Zhege, Liang Pan; RRAM cell and its preparation, Publication number: CN102185103A.
2. Run-Wei Li, Benlin Hu, Fei Zhege, Liang Pan; A type of poly(Schiff base) used as resistive switching materials , Publication number: CN102219898A.