Polypropylene(PP) Foam Materials - 08/04/2009
The process of the products is costly,because the foaming equipments must be specially treated for preventing explosion.
Meanwhile,the PP foam is keeping as high as 20% annual growth in China,core industrial technology for PP foaming is still absent.
The division of Polymers and Composites has re...  
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Thermoplastic Polyimide Engineering Plastic - 08/04/2009
Polyimides(PIs)with cyclic imide structures in the backbone,play an important role in the family of high performance resins.
Using chlorophthalic anhydride isomers as starting materials and choosing either polythioetherimides or polyetherimides instead of UltemTM as major objects,we have develope...  
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Self-Lubricating Aluminium-Alloy Composite Materials - 08/04/2009
Aluminium-Alloy is widely used in modern industry due to its high strength,excellent thermal and electricity conduction,and low specific gravity.
However its fatal weakness of softness,big friction coefficient and high frictional wear rate greatly limits its applications.
Compared with self-lubri...  
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The Transparent Conductive Oxide Materials and Their Application - 08/04/2009
Al-doped zinc oxide(AZO)and pure ZnO nano powder have been fabricated by a novel sol-gel method.
Some related work has been published on《Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology》(DOI:10.1007/s 10971-009-1959-5).Furthermore,we can also prepare a high density AZO target(>97%)with a sintering tem...  
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High Strength and Performance Thermoelectric Materials and Their Application - 08/04/2009
Developing Bi2Te3 materials with high strength and thermoelectric performance was the key challenge in a cooling system in the last a few years.
Bi2Te3-based solid solutions have exhibited the best thermoelectric performance around room temperature and have been widely used for cooling and contro...  
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