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Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System(ASAP 2020M)

ASAP System is an essential tool for providing surface area and porosity measurements for a broad range of applications such as pharmaceuticals, ceramics, carbons, catalysts, paint & coatings, propellants, electronics, cosmetics, and aerospace materials. The ASAP 2020 makes it easy to obtain high-quality data for research and quality control applications. The system contains a multitude of data reduction methods and can be readily upgraded to perform micropore and chemisorption analyses. All options are designed to be integrated into the ASAP 2020 cabinet and require no additional bench space. Adsorption and desorption analyses using an extended range of adsorptives, including vapors, are also permitted. The ASAP 2020s data reduction methods allow a very high level of versatility, with a wide variety of experimental data options. Newly added methods include heat of adsorption, as (Alpha-s), Freundlich and Temkin isotherms, and crystallite size. An automated thermal-vacuum degas station is available to provide the user with complete control of degassing, improve analytical results, and output a record of degassing parameters. The instrument also comes with a long-duration dewar, allowing long-term analyses to be completely automated without the need for refilling.