Research Staff

Yawei Yang
Director of Robotics and Automatic Control Group, PhD. 
叶继春.jpg Jichun Ye
Group Leader
Photovoltaics and Semiconductor Devices
尹宏峰.jpg Hongfeng Yin
Institute for New Energy Technologies(Industrial Catalysis)
余海斌.png Haibin Yu
Group Leader
Jian Zhang
Group leader
Metal-free Catalysis, Biomass Conversion
Yajie Zhang
Group Leader
Algae Resources 
Qingfeng Zhan
Magnetoelectronic Materials &.Devices
Wenge Zheng
Group Leader
Advanced Polymer Processing Technology
Jin Zhu
Group Leader
Bio-based Polymers 
Guokun Zuo
Group leader
Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (IAMT)