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Haibin Yu

Division of Surface Engineering and Protection


MBA, Business Administration, Murray State University, 2003-2005

Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Nankai University, 1990-1993

B.S., Polymer materials, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, 1987-1990


Sr. Researcher/Professor, Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Material Technology & Engineering, Ningbo, China, 12/2013-present

Technical Service Manager, Global Technical Marketing Manager, Technical Director, Vertellus, USA, 2008.8-2013.9

Sr. Associate Chemist, Bayer, USA, 2006.9-2008.8

Process Engineering Research and Development Laboratory Director, ISP, USA, 2003.5-2006.8

Area Manager- Silicon Wafers, British Petroleum, USA, 2000.0-2003.5

Automotive Adhesive Business Team Technology Manager, Reichhold, USA, 1997.5-2000.10

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Southern Mississippi, USA, 1996.5-1997.5

Research Interest

Anticorrosive coatings

Biobased Materials

polymer synthesis


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Lin Gu, Shuan Liu, Haichao Zhao, Haibin Yu. Facile Preparation of Water dispersible Graphene Sheets and their Anticorrosion Coatings, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Lin Gu, Jiheng Ding, Haibin Yu. Incorporation of Reactive Corrosion Inhibitor in Waterborne Acrylic Polyurethane Coatings and Evaluation of Its Corrosion Performance.


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