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Prof. Jian Zhang attends 4th A3 Symposium of Emerging Materials in Korea

The 4th A3 Symposium of Emerging Materials: Nanomaterials for Energy and Electronics, was held in Jeju Island, Korea, from November 10th to 14th. The A3 Symposium is the joint conference to be organized by three countries: Korea, China and Japan, will cover the state of art research activities about emerging materials. Possible topics within this focus area may include, but are not limited to, the following: nanocarbons, nanowires, nanoparticles, devices, theory, and applications.
The symposium consists of invited oral talks and contributed poster presentations. Each country has a symposium chair, and invited speakers are selected by each country. This year`s Symposium was hosted by Sungkyunkwan University. Professor Jian Zhang from NIMTE was invited to attend the Symposium as an invited speaker.
Carbon nanomaterials, as carbon nanotubes, have become one of the most interesting topics in the fields of nanomaterials. Prof. Jian Zhang having developed in synthesis and catalytic reaction of new carbon nanomaterials (CNTs), was invited to give an presentation entitled “Surface Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes: Concepts and Applications”. His lecture reviewed the surface functionalization methods in the literature, and showed their investigation on the interaction mechanism of the functional CNTs in some typical catalysis and environmental protection routes, and affection on catalytic performance in oxidative dehydrogenation and oxygen reduction reaction adsorption amount of SO2 by the doped N atoms.