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Research Interests

Current studies are focused on developing advanced vapor deposition technologies (PVD, PECVD, etc.) that can greatly enhance the performance of various devices, and on preparing advanced coatings/thin films through nanostructuring.
Research Interests:
1. Advanced hard coatings; develop coatings that combine high hardness and other desirable properties such as high toughness, lubricity, resilience, transparency, or electrical conductivity. Applications for such advanced coatings range from cutting (hard + lubricious), erosion resistant (hard + tough), forming (hard + tough), sealing (hard + superelastic), scratch resistant (hard + transparent), among others.
2. Advanced coating technologies; develop vapor deposition technologies that can significantly enhance the performance of various devices, or the manufacturability/productivity thereof. Examples include, but are not limited to, low temperature deposition of barrier or passivation layers on temperature-sensitive wafers or other large-area substrates, low temperature deposition of transparent and highly conductive oxide layers, depositing multi-elemental alloys or oxides on complex substrates for biomedical or energy applications, etc.