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Research Group

Group Lead: Jun Li (PhD, Institute of Physics, CAS, 1997)
 1997-2002 Postdoc at Fudan University and Ohio University;
 2002-2004 Project Director at Arizona State University;
 2004-2006 Research Associate at Northwestern University;
 2006-2010 Senior Scientist/Principle Scientist, Manager of R&D at Nanoexa;
 2010 Chief Scientist at Caly Nanomoly, Professor at NIMTE, CAS.
Team members:
 Dr Caixia Zhang: Postdoc, 2010 PhD from Sichuan University
 Dr Xiaobo Chen: Postdoc, 2011 PhD from Zhejiang University
 Dr Zhenlian Chen: Postdoc, 2011 PhD from Wuhan University
 Mr Jinhua He: Research Assistant, 2011 MA from Hefei University of Technology
 Dawning GPU Cluster: Computing power ~ 16Tflops
 Licensed software: TeraChem (GPU), FLAPW (MPI), VASP (MPI)
 Developed Software: LAPW (GPU), Platform of Rational Designs of Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage System (Windows).
 Materials Synthesis and Characterization: flow reactor, planetary ball mill, furnace, Xrd, TG/DSC, Electrochemical Station.
Research area:
 GP-GPU algorithm for materials computations and designs
 Materials and devices theory for electrical energy storage systems
 Electrode materials designs for supercapacitors and lithium ion batteries