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Advanced Batteries Research Group

Lithium-ion batteries have been suffering from the safety issue originated from the combustible non-aqueous electrolytes. Nonflammable inorganic solid electrolytes will make them completely free from the issue. This advantage is becoming more and more important, because much bigger batteries are now required to be mounted in EVs and HEVs, where the safety issue is more serious. ...


Professor Zhaoping Liu
Professor Xiaoxiong Xu
Associate Professor Yonggao Xiao
Associate Professor Xufeng Zhou
Changlin Tang, PhD
Yiming ZHANG, PhD
Xiayin YAO, PhD
  The unique features of graphene, including its ultra-high conductivity, 2D nanostructure and its structural flexibility, impart this novel carbon material with great potential to enhance the electrochemical performance of electrode materials for Li-ion batteries. Several cathode and anode materials, such as LiFePO4, SnO2 and silicon have been successfully modified by graphene in our group. The obtained composite...