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Self-Lubricating Aluminium-Alloy Composite Materials

Aluminium-Alloy is widely used in modern industry due to its high strength, excellent thermal and electricity conduction, and low specific gravity. However its fatal weakness of softness, big friction coefficient and high frictional wear rate greatly limits its applications. The Surface nanoscale porous complex technology has optimized the technology of anodicoxidation treatment of aluminium-alloy, it can make an oxide film with an aperture of 100-200nm, thickness over 20um, hardness of 360-370 HV, it also enhanced the wear resistance and the corrosion resistance by self-lubricating of oil-free aluminium-alloy issued from surface nano self-lubricating compound

Compared with self-lubricating composite materials prepared by Hard Anodic Oxidation Film, the surface nano self-lubricating compound has an oxide film with big aperture and thickness, smaller friction coefficient, lower frictional wear rate; it is a perfect anti-friction and wear-resisting material. It has successfully trial-used in the moving parts of a sewing machine.