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High Strength and Performance Thermoelectric Materials and Their Application

Bi2Te3 alloy is the best thermoelectric conversion material under room temperature. It possesses numerous excellent characters including small size, non-noise, long life duration, non-hazardous released materials, environment friendly, sensitivity, high precision, easy installation and operation, and non-moving parts. Developing Bi2Te3 materials with high strength and thermoelectric performance was the key challenge in a cooling system in the last a few years.


Bi2Te3-based solid solutions have exhibited the best thermoelectric performance around room temperature and have been widely used for cooling and controlling temperature in various areas. The solidified ingots grown by means of zone melting, Bridgman and Czochralsky techniques have the most excellent thermoelectric performance along the crystal growth direction, however they possess poor mechanical property due to the lamellar crystallographic structure and weak Van der Waals bonding between Te-Te layers. Thus, a hot-pressing technique has been applied to fabricate the materials with textured structure by the zone melting method. The thermal conductivity was greatly decreased by introducing the grain boundary scattering on the phonons, finally the materials with both high thermoelectric performance and good mechanical property have been created