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Lecture - Nanotechnology-Driven Cancer Therapy - 06/29/2012
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Polymer Microarrays - Fabrication and Biological Application for Cellular Control and Manipulation - 06/14/2012
(ii).Polymers able to support long term highly functional hESC-derived hepatocyte like cells(showing high levels of both CYP3A4 and CYP1A2 expression)and which are now being explored as a coating on an extra-corporeal support for trials in bio-artificial liver devices.
(iii).Polymers displaying b...  
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International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology Held in Ningbo on November 9-12 - 09/03/2011
Weiguo Wang from Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences In addition,the symposium has received endorsement from The Electrochemical Society(ECS)and six Dokiya Symposium Fund travel grants.
Cnfor more information Sponsors Chinese Academy of Sciences Ch...  
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Lecture-From 3-D Printing to 3-D Nanomanufacturing: Integrating Structural, Materials and Electronic Engineering with Additive Nanomanufacturing - 06/22/2011
It would be the dream of manufacturing if such a process could be extended to fabricating 3-D structures with nanoscale resolution and from a broad choice of engineering materials.
This would allow the development of truly heterogeneous materials architectures that significantly maximize material...  
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Lecture-Intergranular Diffusion in Exchange-Coupled Sm-Co/Fe Nanocomposites and Thin Films - 06/08/2011
We find that the behavior of the interdiffusion between the bcc soft phase and the magnetically hard phases are similar in thin films and bulk samples under similar annealing conditions:Co and Fe interdiffuse forming a Co40Fe60 bcc soft phase while the balance of the Fe forms a ternary Sm-Co-Fe p...  
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