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NIMTE Researchers Visit the Hauzer, Netherlands

Invited by the Hauzer Techno Coating Company, Netherlands, associate professor Jinlong Li and Dr. Yongxin Wang, from the Surface Engineering Division of NIMTE, visited the company headquarter for a week from 6 Jan. 2013.

During the visit, the researchers received a warm welcome from Mr. Thomas, CEO of the company. They exchanged the ideas on development and trend of the vacuum vapor deposition technique in the world, and discussed the potential cooperation.


The Hauzer Techno Coating Company in the Netherlands was launched in 1983. The main work is to research and develop the physical vapor deposition and plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition techniques. The Hauzer is a very famous worldwide supplier of the vacuum vapor deposition technique. The products of the company are widely used in many industries such as tools, molds, aerospace, and automobiles. Their production is always playing an irreplaceable role to the life extension and protection for many key mechanical parts.

After the visit, the mutual understanding between the Hauzer and the NIMTE was enhanced. The NIMTE researchers introduced the key research fields and long-term plan of the Surface Engineering Division of NIMTE and also learned the advanced experience in PVD technique of the Hauzer. The both sides intended to initiate a preliminary international cooperation in tools, mold coatings, anti-wear coatings in sea environment and anti-oxidation thermal barrier coatings in high temperature circumstance. Mr. Thomas also planned a return visit to NIMTE in May this year. (Yongxin Wang Reports)