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Peers from Sweden visits NIMTE

Recently, more than 10 foreign experts  from Sweden visited the Ningbo Institute of Materials technology and Engineering (NIMTE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Ping Cui, Weiguo Wang and Xiao’nan He, from the NIMTE Leader Group, hosted their visit.

Prof. Weiguo Wang, Deputy Director of NIMTE, firstly introduced the history of NIMTE, and also gave a brief presentation on the progress and major research achievements in the field of new energy and new material to the visitors, when taking a tour in the exhibition hall.

During their tour, Prof. Cui Ping, Director of NIMTE, together with Prof. Weiguo Wang answered the questions put forward by the experts. At the same time, discussions and mutual exchanges were made between the host and the guests.

The peers showed great interest in some research field and would like to seek a further cooperation, which made the visit more fruitful.

(Jiadan Shen reports)