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Prof. Nobert A. Hampp from Philipps University of Marburg (Germany) visited NIMTE

On 12 July, Prof. Nobert A. Hampp, who is from School of Chemistry, Philipps University of Marburg (Germany), visited Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering (NIMTE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and gave us an academic presentation entitled “Photochemical Preparation of Sub-Wavelength Heterogeneous Laser-induced Periodic Surface Structures”. In his presentation, Prof. Hampp talked about tuning physical properties via photochemical interaction of light and matter. The photochemical reaction could also be used to trigger of a polymerization and the synthesized polymeric structure, such as core-shell structure, could be controlled. After the presentation, the audience discussed with Prof. Hampp about many issues including the ways of illumination, the illumination time, the controlled polymeric structure and so on.

Prof. Hosmane, PhD of Physics and Medical Biology, is a famous international scientist on the research field of nanobiotechnology, near-field optics and twophoton-photochemistry. He is the present director of the Material Science Center and Department of Physics, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany, one of the editorial board members of J. Nanomedicine and J. Nanoboiscience. He has published around 180 papers in international famous journals and obtained more than 20 patents. He ever won Philip-Morris prize at 1993 and Hessian prize at 1998. (Zheyu Shen reports)