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Prof. Hosmane, a new senior international scientist from USA joins NIMTE

On 2 July, an appointment ceremony was performed by Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering (NIMTE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to appoint Prof. Narayan S. Hosmane, who is from Northern Illinois University (USA), to a position named “CAS Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists”. On behalf of NIMTE, Deputy Director Weiguo Wang signed the Employment Agreement with Prof. Hosmane, and granted him a certificate of appointment.


After the appointment ceremony, Prof. Hosmane gave us an academic presentation entitled “Nanotechnology-Driven Cancer Therapy: Past, Present and Future”. In his presentation, Prof. Hosmane talked about the past, present and future of cancer therapy utilizing nanotechnology. Typically, he detailedly presented the research of neutron capture therapy (NCT) for cancer utilizing nanomaterials of boron chemicals, including the physi-chemical mechanism of cancer therapy using the boron chemicals, and the biocompatibility and biodistribution of these chemicals in vivo. The clinical research of cancer therapy indicated that the boron chemicals could be employed as promising anti-cancer drugs for carcinoma of liver, prostate, bladder and so on. Finally, Prof. Hosmane talked about the application prospect of gadolinium composite nanoparticles for neutron capture therapy of cancer, and medical imaging of MRI and CT. After the presentation, the audience discussed with Prof. Hosmane about many issues including the drug metabolism, drug delivery and so on.

Prof. Hosmane is a famous international scientist on the research field of boron chemistry and neutron capture therapy of cancer. He has published around 280 papers in international famous journals. Recommended by Prof. Aiguo Wu, who is from Division of Functional Materials & Nano Devices, NIMTE, CAS, Prof. Hosmane has been appointed a position of “Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists” by CAS. They will cooperate on research field of cancer detection and therapy utilizing nanomaterials.(Zheyu Shen Reports)