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Professor C. David Garner, President of the Royal Society of Chemistry Visited NIMTE

On September 18, 2009, Professor C. David Garner, President of the Royal Society of Chemistry visited NIMTE. Professor Garner dedicated his services to education, industry, research, and publicity. For education, he works for increasing the number of suitably qualified chemistry teachers in UK schools and ensuring that adequate funds are provided for effective education and laboratory training of students at the secondary and tertiary levels; for industry he devotes to ensure that the UK Government, the EU Commission, their Parliaments and civil servants are fully aware of the major contributions that the chemiscal industry makes to the economy; for research, he commits himself to pressing for the provision of sufficient funds to permit significant advances in both the ‘core’ and interdisciplinary aspects of subject; for publicity, he applies himself to enhance a general awareness of chemistry, especially by hiighlighting the many positive contributions made by chemists and their essential participation in addressing the challenges associated with the sustainability of life on planet Earth. During his visit, Prof. Garner gave his presentaiton on “Bioinorganic Chemistry: The Nature and Function of Molybdenum Oxotransferase Enzymes”. Dr. Qing Yan, Deputy Director of NIMTE made a brief introduction of NIMTE. Afterwards, accompanied by Dr. Yan, Prof. Garner looked around NIMTE. He was very impressed by what we have done, he promised that he would be seeking cooperation with NIMTE.