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GE Steps up Cooperation with NIMTE

Since 2008 NIMTE has established partnership with GE China, the division of Magnetic Materials and Advanced Devices was delegated to study on high coercivity magnets, The first phase of R & D work of the project has been sucessfully finished in the early of 2009. GE was very impressed by our performance, therefore the contract has been renewed in Feb. 2009. On September 16, 2009, companied by Dr.Shengzhi Dong from China Technology Center GE, Dr. Kiruba from Globle R & D Center of GE paid a visit to NIMTE to seek for further cooperation.


In the meeting, Prof. Aru Yan, Head of the Megnetic Materials and Advanced Devices Division briefly Introduced NIMTE and the division of Magnetic Materials and Advanced Devices. Ph.D student Bicheng Chen reported the progress of the project. After meeting, Dr. Kiruba and Dr. Shengzhi Dong looked around the lab of the Magnetic Materials and Advanced Devices Division. In the afternoon, with great interest, they visited YUNSHENG Group.